Learning, Teaching, and Growing

Our Divine Download for March 30, 2021 is Akasha from the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards bringing you the message "You are a spiritual teacher. You have the ability to counsel others and help them awaken their spiritual gifts and Divine life mission." Did you know that you're a spiritual teacher? Are you able to accept that truth now? Being a spiritual teacher does not mean that you have to do so in any type of formalized capacity. You can be a spiritual teacher, guide, and mentor to others just by living your divine rite life and walking your divine life path. You can be a spiritual teacher, guide, and mentor to others simply by being your true authentic self! When you are connected to yourself in an authentic way, and you are living your life in such a way as to express and celebrate your true authentic self, others around you see that and celebrate that and it gently reminds them, and even inspires them to do the same. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. The spiritual stuff you know. You KNOW. It's the human stuff that's tricky to figure our and navigate! So embrace the truth of your innately spiritual connection and be secure in the knowledge and wisdom that you possess in this space. This is what matters. This is the truth. This is where you shine. How do you feel about the idea of inspiring others? How do you feel about teaching others? Is this something that you run towards or shy away from? In either case, why? Is it time for you to seek out a spiritual teacher to help you advance your own life mission? Our life is full of stages in which we are teacher, as well as stages in which we are students. Which stage are you in? Are you comfortable there? Are you possibly too comfortable there? Is it time for you to move to a different stage? Take a minute and take stock of your spiritual life. Look at how you are relating to those in your life in a spiritual way. It is all about teaching and learning your way right on down your spiritual path according to your Divine life mission. You've got this!

Modern religion has made it hard for many to accept and embrace their true spiritual nature. Our Angels are some of our first teachers and guides, and as such can offer us solutions and resolutions to help us with our Divine spiritual mission. Tune into their guidance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book your session