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Let Go and Free Yourself

Our Divine Download for January 6, 2023 is Letting Go from the Divine Abundance Oracle Cards with the message "Everything is indeed out of control, and God will hold it all. I can safely let go." Well thank goodness! Phew! Letting go can be one of the hardest things that we ever have to do, but there is such great power in surrender. Control over anyone or anything is merely an illusion. There is peace to be had when we surrender the fantasy of the illusion of control. We don't have to control anything, the universe has us. The universe has it all. Yes. Every. Single. Little. Thing. ALL of the things that you are worried about. All of the things that you are thinking about. All of the things that you feel like you have to control. It's time to let them all go. It's time to exhale and just ask for guidance. The "control" you have lies within your freewill choice to receive, accept, and follow that guidance. Or don't. That's the beauty of free will choice. And you will always have "control" over that. It's a hard and fast universal law. So often we learn from our past experiences, especially as children, coming from various levels of dysfunctional environments that we need to control certain people, places, and circumstances in order to feel safe. And that may have appeared to be our reality. But the truth is, that was always just our ego trying to keep us safe. We are safer in surrender than we are within the illusion of control. What have you been trying to control that you can surrender today? Which burdens will you choose to set down? Where will you finally decide to lean in and trust the universe? Let go and free yourself. You'll be amazed and the speed and accuracy of the resolutions which you experience.

When we have been conditioned to believe that control and safety go hand in hand, it can be more than just a hard habit to break. We may need an energetic cord cutting with the people or situations which caused us to feel that way. Energetic cord cuttings free us from the negative cords of attachment which may be keeping us feeling bound or stuck, while enhancing any positive attachments which exist within those same dynamics. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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