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Let That Ego Go

Our Divine Download for March 14, 2021 is Surrender Fear from The Power of Surrender Cards. Ooooohhhhhhh Boy. This is a big one. Fear is one of the absolute worst four letter words that exist. Fear = False. Evidence. Against. Reality. or Fear = False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. It really truly is just that simple. But boy does our ego like to play some wicked games to make fear so much bigger and badder than it actually is. And, ultimately, that's our ego's job - to keep us safe. Stemming back to the dawn of time and when humans first existed on this planet, there were some pretty serious things out there which our ego needed to keep us safe from in order to keep us alive. So, it developed the mechanism of fear and that handy dandy "fight, flight, freeze" reaction deep within our reptilian brain in order to keep us alive. And it worked! Because here we are. The problem is that those same things that were running around which could literally have eaten us back in the day, don't exist in the same way anymore, yet, that fight, flight, freeze response is still alive and quite well deep within the recesses of our brain and it is often triggered by "lesser" (i.e. it can't actually eat you) type fears. Our ego is still just doing it's job, and using that handy tool he developed, but never really learned to differentiate between the levels, or the realities of fear. That's supposed to be where our logical, reasoning human mind comes in. Except that most of us float through life on auto-pilot completely unaware of or disassociated from these types of reactions. Therein lies the potential for the perfect storm of fear. Fear is healthy and it serves a purpose (to keep us safe). But fear which elicits that fight, flight, freeze response, or becomes obsessive is problematic and does not serve us. Fear is also a choice. We can absolutely talk our ego down when we recognize that our fear responses have been triggered. We can train our ego over time as to what is safe so that it is not reacting to innocuous situations. We can even thank our egos for keeping us safe all of the times that it has served us well and appropriately. Sometimes the ego just needs a lil recognition for the job that it does. Stay in the moment. And the next time you feel fear, practice a little bit of inner dialogue to ascertain if your fear is appropriate or healthy, if it's serving you right here and right now.

Fear is one of the energies most responsible for gumming up the inner workings of our physical and energetic bodies. If you have experienced fearful times or patterns recently, consider an Integrative Reiki Session to clear the fearful energies from your body and support your adrenals and your ego. Book your Session today: Book a Session!


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