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Let Your Heart Be Your Guide

Our Divine Download for May 21, 2023 is Green Tara/The Buddha of Enlightened Action from The Divine Feminine Oracle. The Green Tara shows up for us to encourage us to make decisions from our heart space and our soul space rather than our head space. Usually when she shows up, or this message comes up in similar ways, it's because we're stuck in our heads trying desperately to make heart centered decisions from our head space (which will never truly work and will only succeed in driving us more than a little crazy. Our hearts and our souls are meant to be our guides on most things. Yet we ignore them. We silence them, we disconnect from them. We even argue with them! Then we wonder why we feel disconnected, confused, and unhappy. Our hearts are our compass which is meant to guide us. Not our head. Not our ego. When your head wins over your heart, it creates energetic disonnace which ripples through every area of your life. It's no way to be, no way to live, and definitely not the way to make decisions. We cannot be enlightened beings without allowing our hearts and our souls - our portals of connection to and with the universe leading the way. It may seem that not every action is one that requires enlightened decision making, but those aforementioned energetic ripples are created even when we make the seemingly most mundane and smallest decisions from a cerebral rather than a heart centered space. Plus, when we practice making any decisions from our head space rather than our heart space, it makes it that much harder to establish the habit of making ALL decisions in a connected heart centered way and that is certainly not the path of enlightened action.

Often times our "rational" minds get in the way of what our heart already knows and has even already decided. Our Angels will guide us through this and other similar decision making dilemmas during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY:Book Your Session HERE!


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