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Level Up Deep Listening

Our Divine Download for January 11, 2021 is Listen Deeply from The Angel Guide Oracle. Ahhhh, listening. Listening is such an often neglected and ignored skill. But it is a skill. And just as with other skills we can practice and hone our listening skills. We can listen with our ears, our hearts, our minds, and our intuition. We can listen actively or passively. We can listen to respond or to understand. And right now we are being told that it is super important for us to listen deeply, in all ways. The beautiful image on our card shows that we are being guided to listen as a means to foster understanding and connection, in all our relationships, even of those with our Angels. We can also understand ourselves better if we stop to listen deeply to what our bodies, what our energy, and our emotions are trying to tell us. Communication happens all around us, all of the time, and when we focus on listening deeply, we may be surprised at what we here. So much is "said" in so very many ways without words ever being spoken or sounds being made - are you listening to what is actually being said beyond words and sounds? Are you allowing your deep listening to guide you to connection and understanding with yourself and others? How can you level up your listening skills? How can you practice listening deeply in all ways and at all times throughout your life? How is your current level of listening helping or hindering you? What aren't you listening to that you could be? Who or what aren't you listening to deeply enough? How deeply are you honestly listening? How deeply are you being listened to? Challenge yourself to take your listening skills deeper and to the next level. Challenge yourself to grow your relationships and connections by listening deeply.

Sometimes we do not hear or cannot hear because of energetic blockages in our upper chakras. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading can help locate, explain, and clear any blockages that may be causing us to not be able to listen or hear as deeply as we choose to. Schedule Yours Here!

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