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Level Up Intimacy

Our Divine Download for March 12, 2021 is Surrender Your Fear of Intimacy from the Power of Surrender Cards. Intimacy has played such an interesting role in the goings-on of the past year. Some of us have felt completely disconnected from others and completely lacking in intimacy of any kind. Others of us have felt like things were too close and too intimate with the people we sheltered in place with. And, if we're honest, many of us probably experienced both things at one point or other throughout the past year (sometimes both at once). Regardless of your relationship with intimacy within the past year, this is yet another message from the Universe that it is time to let people in now. It's time to prioritize choices which will allow us to connect with other people and let them see those intimate sides of us that we do not show to all. And, it's telling us that it is not only emotionally safe for us to do so, but that it is necessary for our growth and well-being. Intimacy does not just exist in a romantic way between lovers, but rather encompasses a familiarity or closeness of friends and relatives as well. Intimacy has been defined as "Into-Me-See." Just yesterday we had a card about emerging as our true authentic selves, and in doing so it is necessary for us to allow others to see us and know us in our full authentic glory. Where we may have had negative experiences in the past stemming from intimate relationships, those were lessons to be learned and we are now meant to reach out and expand our intimate connections. And yes, it is absolutely possible to surrender your fear of intimacy while still following CDC pandemic guidelines and staying within your own comfort zone and that of others. Sometimes it might just mean thinking a bit outside of the usual box as to how we achieve intimacy with the safe and trusted people in our lives. But, it all starts with prioritizing and intending intimacy and a willingness to allow others to know us as we truly are.

If the idea of intimacy does indeed breed fear within you or cause you to bristle at it's mere mention due to unfortunate past relationships or circumstances, it could be helpful to cut the negative cords of attachment to some of those past people and situations with an Energetic Cord Cutting. Book yours Here: Book A Session!

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