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Level Up Your Connections

Our Divine Download for January 8, 2021 is Romance and Connection from The Angel Guide Oracle. For some, this could be a card telling us that new romance and romantic connection are either here for us now or will be a large focus of this year. For most of us however, this is a message to focus on genuine, true, heart-centered connection following a year when we were deprived of so much genuine connection. When we are limited, moreso than ever before in most of our lifetimes, as to the ways in which we can connect with others, it becomes more important than ever to foster true and heartfelt, heart-centered connections. And sometimes we have to think outside the box when it comes to how we connect and how we are fostering our connections. Connections need to be nurtured, actively nurtured. The idea of passive connection has become passe. If you love people, tell them. When you love people, show them. Learn what their love language is (hint: it's different for everyone) and learn to speak it. Gone is the time to take our relationships and our connections for granted. It's time to prioritize those connections that are truly important to us. It's time to invest in our connections and our relationships. How will you do that? What will it look like for you? What new and different ways can you find to foster connection within your relationships? Who and what do you wish to connect with more in your life? This card encourages us to make all decisions regarding connection and relationships from your heart center. Invest in those connections and relationships that feed your heart and make your heart glow. Make whatever choices feel best to your heart regarding all of your connections and relationships. Your Angels are here to partner with you with all of your connections and relationships. They will help you make whatever changes are necessary to foster the relationships and connections which feed your heart and your soul. They will help inspire you to make changes in the way that you connect within your relationships. They will help inspire you to make changes to nurture and prioritize your relationships. They are here to offer you a stronger and deeper connection with you as well. All you have to do is ask them for their support and their guidance. So ask away!

Relationships are one of the most asked about topics during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading, and for good reason: our Angels are relationship experts! Check in with them as to how to grow and foster connection in our life during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Here!

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