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Level Up Your Receptivity To Universal Nurturing

Our Divine Download for June 29, 2022 is Cow/Bo with the keywords nourishment, motherhood, the goddess from The Druid Animal Oracle. Cow opens us up to an awareness of the Goddess and that her generosity, healing, and nourishing power is present all around us, in our friends and children, in our food and drink, in our dreams, and particularly in the natural world that we are so very blessed to live in. She brings protection from all harmful influences, and by attuning to her presence, you can gain the benefit of deep, peaceful sleep. When you open yourself to cow and her sacred quality as a manifestation of the goddess on Earth, you are connecting to the perpetual stream of nourishing energy that flows from the goddess to each and every one of us. There is nothing that you need to do in order to experience this. You must simply be willing to connect, acknowledge, and be. Cow also encourages us to look at the ways in which we give to the world. When you believe that your resources are limited, then you will be anxious about giving fully from your heart, but when you connect with Cow and her direct line of ever streaming goddess energy, you know that you are one with all of creation and all of nature and then you are able to give fully and freely. Cow does remind you that you also need to be able to receive in order to be able to truly give. She challenges you to examine how easy it is for you to receive the love and concern of others and calls on you to level up your receptivity.

When we aren't able to receive freely, it can stem from blocks in our chakra system. A Flower Therapy Oracle Card Session will provide simple action steps which will allow us to unblock our chakras to be able to receive with ease and tune into the universal flow of abundance available to us now. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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