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Level Up Your Spiritual Practice

Our Divine Download for January 15, 2021 is The Hierophant from The Good Tarot. This is the Unity card in other tarot interpretations. People often ask what exactly is a hierophant. Fair question! By definition, a hierophant, is a person, especially a priest in ancient Greece, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles. You're not being called on to do any interpretation of ancient Grecian mysteries, but you are being called on to commit to, or recommit to your own spiritual practice. Your personal spiritual practices doesn't have to be as complicated or serious as interpreting esoteric mysteries. Spiritual practices are all about making space to connect with your higher power, however you define that. Prayer, meditation, active gratitude, committing to being a conscious co-creator - these are all spiritual practices. So you're being asked to prioritize our spiritual practice, however that looks for us each and every single day in order to allow us to experience a conscious connection to our higher power. Think active spiritualism rather than passive spiritualism. Often we only practice our spirituality when we're in crisis mode, or when it is convenient for us, and then we wonder why we don't feel an intimate connection with our higher power. Our relationship with our higher power, the Divine, the Universe is a relationship and just like any other relationship, relationships take work! They take investment. They take mutual commitment. So we're being reminded to do our part within this all important relationship. When we make and take the time to prioritize our spiritual practices, we not only create more space for a meaningful and active connection with our higher power, we also are better able to connect with and know our true authentic selves. When we are better connected with ourselves, the Universe cannot help but bring us like minded people to expand our tribe so that we may experience true unity with others. So regardless of what your spiritual practice may have looked like yesterday, today, and each day forward, carve out time to prioritize your spiritual practice and embrace your inner hierophant!

The business of spirituality can be a tricky one, especially with how we were raised and our early introductions to religion and spirituality. Sometimes when we have experienced challenges or unpleasantness surrounding religion or spirituality, those energies can settle in our bodies and create blocks to the connection that we crave. Heal and remove these blocks with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book your session Here!


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