Life Energy Lights The Way For Inspiration

Our Divine Download is Life Energy and Inspiration from the Oracle of the Fairies. The sun is the giver of and sustainer of all life on our planet. We are being guided to connect meaningfully with the energy of the sun, to literally turn our faces to the sun in order to receive his life energy and balance the life energy within our own physical and energetic bodies. We can be inspired by the sun as well, as we literally bring light, and subsequently love and acceptance to those parts of ourselves which were previously hidden in the shadows. We cannot expect to receive divine inspiration if our life force energy is depleted. There is literally nothing to inspire when we are in this type of state. We have to recharge, and keep ourselves charged up in order to be open to receive inspiration. We must be ready, willing, and able to shine in order for our inspired ideas to take root. We must bolster our life force energy in order to glow from within. It's time for us to share all the parts of ourselves with the world, and to receive inspired ideas and action steps which will allow us to do just that. Focus on leveling up your life force energy. Connect with the light of the sun in a meaningful way. And be prepared for brand new meaningful inspiration to light up your life through amazing ideas and and action steps!

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