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Lighten Up & Embrace Your Joy

Our Divine Download for January 30, 2023 is Hummingbird Spirit/Joy from The Sacred Forest Oracle Deck. Do you know why you are on this planet at this very moment, as this very time? To be in joy. Yes. To enjoy your life. It's your job. It's your life purpose. It's literally why you are here. Facts. If you are not flitting through your life with the ease and joy of the hummingbird, this is your sign that something has to change and that you need to find more ways to lighten up and be in joy. Again, it's your job, it's why you are here. You are not meant to take life so very seriously. You are absolutely meant to experience as much joy as you possibly can. You are meant to taste the sweet nectars of life as often as possible. You are meant to be free, to be light, to flutter. If these types of things have been noticeably absent from your life, ask yourself what has been blocking them or why you have not allowed yourself these experiences and this reality. Joy is your birth right. If something, somewhere, or someone does not bring you joy, it is time to make a different choice which will allow you to be in joy. This is what you are hear for. This is what you are meant for. This is your literal birth right. How will you claim this? How will you embrace this? How will you allow yourself to lighten up? What choices will you make which will allow you to flutter through your life with just a bit more ease? It's time to make those choices. And it's time to make them now.

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