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Lighten Up For The Long Haul

Our Divine Download for March 20, 20121 is Roadrunner from the Message from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards. Our Roadrunner asks us to lighten up and not to take ourselves or our situations so dang seriously. Our Roadrunner also echoes the advice of our Chameleon from yesterday and suggests that we use our adaptability to be light and quick on our feet and be able to pivot quickly. Sometimes we may literally need more light in order to be able to lighten up and become lighter on our feet, which is the perfect message for as today, on the spring equinox which will literally usher in longer hours of daylight and simply more light! How can you interact with the light on a more regular basis? Do you need to prioritize getting outside and turning your face to the sun? Do you need better lighting in your work environment? Light begets light, and utilizing light in a supportive way can go a long way to help us lighten up. Our Roadrunner also asks us within this theme of lightness, what are we carrying that's too heavy? What are we carrying that we can maybe set down, even if just for a little bit? (Hint: you don't ever actually have to pick it back up if you do not want to!) It can feel impossible to lighten up when we are carrying loads and burdens that are just so very, very heavy. So take inventory of what you actually need, what is actually serving you, and where it is not, be willing to set it down. Roadrunners have fairly high respiration rates which is in part what allows them to be so light and so quick. How's your breathing been lately? Are you breathing deeply, regularly? Are you tensing up and holding your breath? Are you remembering to utilize your breathing as the tool and support that it is? Are you making sure that you exhale fully and completely so that you are not carrying the residue of any toxins or expired breath within your body? Just the act of taking a few nice, slow, deep cleansing breaths can be an instant reset which allows you to feel a bit lighter and a bit more centered. So start there and see how and where you can literally lighten up. This will naturally help you be lighter on your feet and move much more quickly and with greater flexibility. Embrace your lighter, easier, breezier self!

When we've been carrying emotional and energetic weights over a long period of time, they can root and settle in our bodies like energetic blocks making it difficult to breath fully and deeply while making it feel impossible to lighten up. An Integrative Reiki Session is the perfect relaxing, easy way to move those blocks and support your new lighter way of being. Book your session HERE!


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