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Live In Joy, Make Way For Miracles

Our Divine Download for May 7, 2022 is Joy and Miracle from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards. Joy reminds us "By enjoying this moment, I am giving thanks to God for my life." Miracle says "I trust in God to know the perfect solution to this situation." We are meant to be in joy. We are meant to enjoy our lives. Joy is literally our birth rite. It is why we are here on this planet at this time. How much joy have you experienced lately? What about throughout your lifetime? Did you misunderstand the assignment? We aren't here to work or to suffer. Yes, we are here to learn and grow and evolve and those processes aren't always super easy or fun, but there should still be an undercurrent of joy in all that we do. If there is not, it is time for us to make changes to ensure that there is. To lean into and experience joy. If there are people or situations in your life that are robbing your joy, these cards are putting you on notice that by prioritizing your joy, your birth rite, your natural state of being, you are ushering in miraculous energy to bring resolution to anything which may be overshadowing your joy. Miracles are coming. Miracles are yours for the taking. Miracles are yours for the making. But first, you must align with joy. You can not align with the energy of the miraculous or the diving if you are not aligned with and intent on experiencing joy in your own life. Miracles do not dwell in the mundane, the negative, or the depressed. Miracles and magic vibrate at much higher frequencies and you must raise your vibration in order to experience the miracles which are just waiting to unfold in your life. It's time for you to live as you were meant to It's time for you to be in joy and experience miracles as often as you may need them. It's time. And it's all happening.

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