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Live In Wonder and Joy

Our Divine Download for September 12, 2022 is Raphael from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards. Raphael offers us the guidance "Soar above the world into the wonder that you are. You are higher than the mountain tops and brighter than the Sun." Do you feel that? If not, what everyday issues are keeping you bogged down and preventing you from discovering a greater sense of purpose in your life? It's time to remember the childlike qualities that keep your life fun and exciting. Remember when life was simpler and the world seemed like a giant playground, your giant playground, just waiting to be explored. Embrace that curiosity and sense of wonder, that willingness to explore and allow those energies to help you to lighten up. You're more than your job, your career, and your to-do list. You're a human being not a human doing and you are here on this planet at this time because you are meant to be in joy. You are meant to enjoy your life! If you are not particularly enjoying your life at the moment or you cannot remember the last time that you felt true joy, it's time to fix that. It's time to rediscover what it means to you to have fun at this juncture in your life. It's time to have fun for the sake of having fun. All that really ultimately matters in your life is that you are happy. Are you? If not, why not? What is truly preventing you from choosing to be happy? And, what have you done to fix that? Show a bit more kindness and love to yourself and be willing to take responsibility to take action to help you lighten up. It's time for you to embrace your birth right: it's time to be in joy!

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