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Live Through Intention

Our Divine Download for March 5, 2021 is Intention from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. Intention is the basis of conscious mindful living. On some level we know this, we've always known this. Think back to when you were a kid, the number one childhood defense to try to defer blame and responsibility is "I didn't mean it!" And maybe you didn't. However, whether we meant it or not, whether we intended the result of our choices or our actions, we hopefully learned as children that there are in fact consequences for things that we "didn't mean." In order to live the full potential of our divine life purpose, we also have to consciously, mindfully, life in intention. When we focus on living from a place of intention, there is less of a chance that our actions will cause results that we did not in fact mean. Intention is so simple, and so powerful. What do you intend? Today? This week? This month? This year? In your life? Because intention is a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future, and involves a state of mental awareness including forethought and planning, when we stay centered in intention, we are also able to stay mindful of our manifestations and connected to the center of our manifestation power. Intention is a very personal place to be. We can intend to do something, but there is a difference between intention and control and we cannot use misrepresented intention as the illusion of control over others. We cannot intend what others will do or think, or how they will react. We can only intend for ourselves - thank goodness! What was the last intention that you made? Are you in the habit of setting intentions each day? If not, why not?! We may not have control over other people or certain circumstances in our lives, but we have full control over ourselves and our experiences. The intentions that we set drive out experiences so when we fail to set regular intention it is sort of like taking yourself our of the driver's seat of your own life and living at the whim of the marcrocosmic energies around you. Yikes! Start today. Intend what type of day you are going to have. Or, if that feels too big, then start with whatever the next activity on your to-do list is and intend how you would like it to go. Move forward adding intention to each step of your life and manifest the experiences you want to have and the life you want to live!

It can be challenging to set intentions when we have been through circumstances or were born into environments that dis-empowered us. Connecting with your guides, your Angels, and your own higher self can be a meaningful first step to reengaging your personal power and a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading is the perfect place to do just that. Book your session here!

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