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Live Your Dharma

Our Divine Download for September 21, 2022 is Dharma of Kali from the Kali Oracle Cards. To honor the dharma means to live according to genuine spiritual principles. What those principles are depend on your inner values To live according to your values means living with integrity of being, conducting yourself according to an inner spiritual code. Spiritual integrity does not ask what others think about a matter of how we will be judged of acting in a certain way. Instead, it inquires as to what resonates as our most spiritually aligned course of action. It considers how we can speak and act in a such a way that those inner values, our inner values are respected. Those with the courage to grow into following an inner code take greater responsibility for their lives and actions and from greater responsibility, greater freedom is born. The dharma of Kali reminds you that her every action is infused with loving purpose, every challenge and every opportunity in your life exists by her divine design. Her spiritual intelligence lives within your heart. When you trust in your integrity and proceed according to your soul's values, you are trusting and empowering her to be a central supportive figure in your life. Everything that is happening is part of how your prayers are being answered. A new order is in the process of being established and you are being led into it. Living your dharma is the path that you will take to get there.

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