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Live Your Divine Rite Purpose

Our Divine Download for October 14, 2023 is Career from the Spellcasting Oracle. Our society places so much emphasis on work. It's often the first question that we ask someone when we meet them "what do you do?" Who cares?! That doesn't define who that person is. Just like what you do for a living probably doesn't define you. This card puts you on notice that your job, your work, your career may be out of alignment with your divine rite purpose. Many people, arguably most people, are not so fortunate as to be able to work in the area that encompasses their divine rite purpose. But we are still meant to embrace and live out our divine rite purpose, so the universe will push us through circumstances and situations until we are in better alignment with what we are meant for. Every single one of us deserves to do what we love for work. Every single one of us. It is lack mentality to think otherwise. We live on an abundant planet in an abundant universe and there is more than enough for every single person on this planet to have more than enough. Some choose not to. To know better is to do better, and the universe is asking you to trust it's abundance and lean into exploring your divine rite purpose (or discovering it for that matter!) so that you can live a life of joy and alignment. This can also be a sign for you that your work, your job, your career, even if it is in alignment with your divine rite purpose, is taking up too much time or focus in your life. We are not meant to work to live, nor are we meant to live to work. We're meant to have balance and joy and light and love in our lives. If our career is causing us an imbalance, it is time to re-assess our priorities and perhaps even investigate different options. It can also be true that we are not paying enough time and attention to our work, our job, our career at the moment, or not paying quality attention to it. Honestly assess where you are at and be willing to adjust accordingly. There are bigger and better things ahead.

If you are at a cross roads with your career, or you just aren't sure what your divine rite purpose is, a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can help you figure things out so that you can have the best possible balance within your work life. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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