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Look For Your Lucky Omens

Our Divine Download for October 22, 2022 is Good Luck from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. Boy oh boy, Blessings yesterday and Good Luck today, we're on quite the energetic roll lately! Having faced hardship and misfortune, a little bit of good luck will be a blessed and welcome relief for you. As you've done the hard work to step away from a negative outlook and flip the script on your stinkin' thinking, you've invited in a magical force that supports the good luck that you've wished for and have so badly needed. It's time for you to be on the look out for synchronicity and omens that negate your bad periods, offer reassurance, remind you that all is well within the flow of the universe and that ultimately usher in a positive and welcome change of fortune. Now is the chance for you to grab a fortuitous opportunity and take advantage of this prosperous energy of lucky charms, for you're blessed with a lucky streak. No matter where you've been and what you've experienced, there's a change for the better heading your way. Lucky energy surrounds you right now. Are you able to align with the energy of this positive good luck? Are you willing to view yourself as lucky? Affirm that you are blessed and lucky in all that you do and amplify the magic of this serendipitous and blessed period you're heading into. Grab any opportunities with both hands - jump in with both feet and don't look back. Black cats are particularly lucky and magical omens for you to connect with right now and are signs from your guides and the universe that your luck is shifting and changing and you are coming out of this period of proverbial darkness.

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