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Look Intently At The Big Picture

Our Divine Download for April 23, 2022 is Sight of Owl from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. Owl with her keen vision and her legendarily sharp eyes has spotted something heading your way that you need to pay attention to, especially to those subtler, finer details. You may have an important decision on the horizon, and it may not even look like much when it initially arrives or presents itself, but right now, even the more seemingly mundane details can have a significant impact on your life. Your full awareness is important right now, including your full intuitive awareness. You much watch carefully, like a bird of prey with all of your senses. When you need to make difficult decisions, be mindful of the bigger picture. Don't just consider how things will affect you in the short term, but how they will affect you in the long run as well. Make sure all of the choices that you're making now will support who you want to be and the goals that you have. Sometimes you may have to release one goal in favor of another one, but when you have to do so, do not worry because better opportunities will replace any that may feel as though they have been lost. Sight of Owl offers you a much-needed nudge outside of your comfort zone by asking you to consider this bigger picture. When you step outside of your comfort zone you allow what is coming next to arrive. Consider using some or all of these affirmations for the next seven days: "I release myself from all expectations." "I release myself from the need to control." "I release myself from fighting redirection." "I release myself from fear of the unknown." "I release myself to all that is, knowing all is as it should be."

Sometimes past experiences and their associated expectations can cloud our judgement when the energy of the past becomes stuck within our physical bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session can help move energy in order to remove those blocks. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session HERE: Book Your Session HERE!


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