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Look Up & Connect Above

Our Divine Download for April 19, 2022 is Stargazing from the Oracle of the Fairies with the message "When you gaze at the stars you give yourself fairy-focus. Your intuition will flow more freely and reveal what you need to know about the situation." Sometimes when we are in certain situations we are simply to close to them or they are too emotionally charged for us to gain proper or accurate perspective. When we connect to the Earth, the stars, the whole of the cosmos, we are better able to ground our energy to allow the intuitive information available to us to glow to us and through us. It is within these intuitive messages and within the intuitive information that we are able to better understand what is actually happening and what our role in it may be. This is also a reminder to connect to the astrological transits, both the macrocosmic transits that affect all of us, as well as the microcosmic transits which are specific to what is transiting our own birth chart. There is SO much knowledge and power to be gained by understanding your own astrology and that of those closest to you. Astrology isn't about absolutes, but about potentials. It is so empowering to understand how and why the potentials may play out in your own life and in the lives of those around you. It can help you to feel supported, rather than victimized by the universe. So lean in, embrace your astrology, and connect with the intuitive forces of the universe by turning your face and your attention to the stars.

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