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Love and Be Loved

Our Divine Download for July 17, 2021 is Family from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards bringing us the message "Loving your friends and family is central to your life purpose." We are social creatures, and as such we are not meant to go through life without connection to other people. For some of us we are fortunate and those connections that figure prominently are those with our family of origin. For others, family may be described as those whom we have made our family of choice. Many fall somewhere in the middle embracing both worlds. Regardless of how you define your family, we are being guided to allow them to figure a bit more prominently in our lives right now. So many of us experienced degrees of isolation over the past year and a half, and now it is important for us, our energy, and our life purpose, to connect, or reconnect with our family, however that looks to us. We need people. We need to be needed by other people. There is an energetic exchange with others that is necessary for our growth and sense of wellness. This may have shifted and changed out of necessity during the pandemic, and that's okay. Even if some of those shifts lead to different levels of awareness and making different choices, it is still okay. But we are being called on right here, right now today, and challenged to exchange more love with our family, however that looks to you and for you. If your family of origin doesn't make you feel all shiny and happy, ask yourself how you can still send them love. If you have outgrown certain members of your family of choice, it is still possible to bless them and release them with love. When we truly love members of our family, natural or chosen, that love doesn't just start and stop or turn off like the kitchen faucet. Sometimes we need to find different, even creative ways to love our family while still protecting our energy and enforcing our boundaries. Ultimately, the bottom line is that we all need love. We are all meant to give and receive love. The more love that we give, the more love that we will be able to receive. That is how and what we are meant to be.

Family is often complicated, regardless of how we define or describe it. Sometimes our "stuff," our issues, aren't ours alone, but have been passed down generationally through cellular memory and ancestral dna. When this happens, an Energetic Cord Cutting will remove any negative cords of attachment (it cannot cut anything positive!) between us and our family members, allowing us to become better aligned with out own life purpose. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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