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Love From Your Guardian Angels

Our Divine Download for December 13, 2021 is Guardian Angel from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. Your Guardian Angels want you to know how very much they love you right now. They have you completely and unconditionally. They love you in an all encompassing way that wraps around you and is with you always, all the time, through all space and time. You are not alone. You have never been alone. You will never be alone. You deserve the help, attention, and love of your Guardian Angels. Even when you feel distanced from your Guardian Angels, they are right here with you, loving you, holding space for you. Our Angels never judge us at all and encourage us not to judge ourselves so harshly. Our Angles are here to simply support us so that we can grow spiritually and live out our divine rite purpose. Angels always want what is best for us and will intercede on our behalf any time we simply ask them. Free will choice is a hard and fast universal law that cannot be violated and as such our Angels cannot help us until and unless we ask for their assistance. They remind us to ask and ask often for everything and anything that we need. They do not want us to worry that by our asking them for their help that we are taking them away from other "better" or "more important" requests. It simply does not work like that. As omnipresent beings they are capable of being everywhere and helping everyone at once. Our Angels will also give us signs to help get our attention and alert us to their presence. We can also always ask them for specific signs. They are waiting for us to meaningfully participate in a loving, supportive relationship with them. How will you do that today? What will that look like for you right now?

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