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Love is All You Need

Our Divine Download for July 15, 2020 is Share the Message of Love/Daffodil from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. The Beatles said is best when they declared "All You Need is Love." It's SO true. Especially right now. The challenge of course becomes how do we be more loving when we're not feeling particularly loving at the moment given everything that is going on. We need to start with ourselves. With showing ourselves more love. By giving ourselves more grace and more space and listening to our bodies and giving them what they need. We need to cultivate a personal culture of extreme self love. Radical self forgiveness. Because if we cannot and are not being loving to ourselves, we won't have anything to give to our significant others or our kids or our families. If we cannot love ourselves as we are, without judgments and limitations, it is unrealistic to expect to be able to love others in this manner. True self love begins with true self acceptance. Right here, right now. Accept you just as you are. Can you love yourself in this space? What would you have to change or want to change before you would be able to fully commit to loving yourself? Would you ever expect another person to change that thing or or those things before you would offer them your love? Probably not. Our love for others is usually vastly less conditional than it is for ourselves. Why in the heck is that? Honestly, that's some serious bullshit. So cut it out. Whatever you have to do. However you have to change your thinking. Drop it, and stop it. So starting today, right here, right now, in this very moment in time, cut the shit. Meet yourself in a space of acceptance, and show yourself some damn love already! You can't possibly share the message of love with others, or bring more love to this planet if you're not loving yourself. Fact. So if you can't do it for you, do it for everyone else who you are denying your love by denying yourself. Love - it's all YOU need!

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