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Love Is The True Spirit Path

Our Divine Download for June 17 is Love/Spirit Path of the South from the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck focusing on the key words partnerships, unconditional love, and rejuvenation. This card can foretell finding your divine rite partner or mate, or for those already in relationships, this heralds an opportunity to revive and strengthen your current partnership. The energies of the hummingbird are all around you as the purest love blossoms in your heart. You are being called on to share the pure love in your heart and all of the accompanying new feelings with others. Allow your emotions to flow through you taking your cues from the natural rhythm and flow of the water element and the moon and as they do, they will feed your soul with the life-giving force of unconditional love. Love has been called and compared to a miracle as the power of love has been shown to heal the deepest wounds and to give people the power to accomplish truly amazing things. Do not worry about the future of your relationships, especially your love relationships and simply follow the path of your heart and allow it to guide you where it takes you and where you were always meant to be. Once we have been touched by the miracle of love, we are never the same again. Be mindful not to place and conditions or limitations on love as that will repress rather than rejuvenate. You are being tasked to learn to love selflessly and with a heart committed to the pure joy of giving. This card represents a great potential for happiness. The prayer which accompanies this card is" As I begin the gentle process of opening my heart to others around me, guide me, Great Spirit, so that I may learn to love unconditionally and experience the greatest miracle of life."

An Integrative Reiki Session will help move any stuck or stagnant energies our of your body and your auric field which may be left over from previous relationships, allowing optimal space for wonderful new love to enter your life and your heart space. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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