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Love, Romance, and Passion - Oh My!

Our Divine Download for July 13, 2020 is Open Your Heart/Red Rose from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Your heart needs a lil attention. You're being put on notice with this card that there's not enough passion in your life. It's time to breed more love, more passion, more romance into your life. The type of passion that you need more of is the type that fills your heart and grows bigger, brighter, and more beautiful. Not the type of passion that sends your blood pressure sky-rocketing while you debate something with someone. But the type of passion that lights up your soul, feeds every cell within your body, and makes you feel alive. We've been in crisis mode and survival mode for far too long and have thus neglected our souls and romance and love. We deserve romance and passion, even in the midst of a pandemic. And, romance and passion don't actually have much to do with other people. You do not need a partner for romance or passion to exist in your life. It is a state of mind, and something that you can cultivate by yourself, for yourself. Usually when you take the necessary steps to do so, that's when romance and passion begin to come to your through other people as well through the law of attraction. It all starts with you figuring out what romance means to you. What does it look like to you and for you? How can you romance yourself? (DO IT!) And passion... What are you passionate about? What lights you up and lifts you up? How much of that have you allowed in your life recently? What have you done to cultivate passion in your life recently? DO IT. Your heart depends on it. It's time to connect back into these lovely uplifting supportive energies. It's time to bring more of it to you. Open yourself up to these luxurious energies. Open your heart. Pamper yourself. Romance yourself. Impassion yourself. Allow yourself to linger in these energetic luxuries. Enjoy!

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