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Love Your Life - Right Now!

Our Divine Download for December 28, 2020 is Love Life from The Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. I absolutely adore this card! It is full of the type of joie de vive that exists so readily in childhood, but which we become so distanced from as adults. This card should be seen as a command: Love Life! Yes!! Love YOUR Life! Right here, right now, in this very moment. Not later when certain conditions are met. Joie de vive, love of life shouldn't be conditional! There are a lot (A LOT) of things for you to love about your life right now. Yes, even now. Even in 2020. Even amidst a pandemic. Sometimes we might have to focus a little harder or even dig a little deeper to find them. Sometimes we might become conditioned to allow them to go unnoticed. Sometimes we might be so distracted focusing on everything that we do not love about our lives that we don't leave time or space to notice that which we DO love about our lives. Our lives are meant to be loved! We are meant to be in joy. Our lives are meant to be enjoyed! That's our birth right. It's literally why we're here right now! Yes, some of us might have some work to do through our Divine Rite Purpose, but our Divine Rite Purpose should never be to the exclusion of joy or love of live (Hint: if it is, it's probably not actually your Divine Rite Purpose!) What do you love? What brings you joy? If you don't know, that's okay! But please, do take the time to figure it out right now (RIGHT NOW!) You deserve it. If the fact that you deserve to be in joy and to enjoy your life, to have a true love of life just doesn't resonate with you, ask your Angels, Guides, and Fairies to help you with any blocks you have to your full love of life and joy potential. Start focusing on your joy. Allow yourself to become a clearing house of joy. Look at everything in your life through the lens of love and the lens of joy. Do you love it? Does it bring you joy? Then why is it there taking up space? Value yourself enough to surround yourself with that which you love and that which brings you joy on all levels. You are SO worth it! Loving your life isn't selfish. In fact, it's one of the most self less choices you can make because when you love your life, when you operate from a place surrounded by love and filled with joy, that is the energy that you put out in and share with the world. And there is no greater gift that you can give to the world. Or to yourself! <3

Love and Joy are two of our most basic human rights but too often we end up cut off from them due to the conditioning of our day to day lives. Get Back to Basics and embrace those most basic Divine Rites with a Back to Basics Reading. Book your Session Here!


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