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Make Room For The Magic

Our Divine Download for October 10, 2021 is New Opportunities "Declutter your life. Glimpse a magical doorway." from The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards. Ooooohhhhhh, decluttering. Not usually anyone's favorite thing to do because it usually feels pretty daunting and pretty overwhelming, and why should we bother anyway when it's just going to get cluttered up again, right?! Yeah, but here's the thing: decluttering is less about your physical space than your emotional space. Which is why it FEELS so overwhelming and so monumentally daunting. The stuff, the clutter is the symptom not the problem. And right now we're being told that the clutter in our lives, both physical and emotional, is blocking us from magical new opportunities. And that's not cool! The thing of it is, we live in a pretty magical world and magic in some form or another is usually all around us most of the time. BUT, we have to create the space to see it and prepare a runway on which that magic, and in this case these new opportunities can land so that they can come to us. Right now we can't even see or find the magical doorways that exist for us because we can't see the proverbial forest through the cluttered trees. So it's time to do something about that! Because we want to be able to not just glimpse, but walk through any and all magical doorways which present themselves to us. No one is saying that you have to get it all done right now or today. That's not even realistic and that kind of thinking just leads to further overwhelm. BUT, it is time to start. What if you declutter 27 things from your life today (27 is a feng shui number)? It would completely change the energy of your space and your life! And if numbers don't do it for you, start with a drawer, or a shelf, or a corner, or the top of your coffee table. But connect with how you *feel* as you begin this decluttering process. See where you feel stuck and it feels difficult, but also celebrate where it feels easy and light and free. Connect in with yourself and your space, and see where your emotions are within both of these areas. New Opportunities ARE coming. That's a promise. So it's time to start to make room for them. Right Now.

Clutter isn't just things but can be emotional and energetic as well. Clear the energetic clutter out of your body with an Integrative Reiki Session and see how much emotional space that can open up for you. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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