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Make Room For Your Magic

Our Divine Download for May 21, 2024 is Rhiannon/Sorceress from the Goddess Guidance Oracle with the reminder "You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality." Did you know that? Do you believe that? You ARE a magical person. #facts There are many, many reasons, familial, societal, circumstantial that cause us to be disconnected from our own innate magic. But it does not change that it is who we are and of what we are made. Nor does it change our manifestation ability which is in fact our birthright. The key to Rhiannon's reminder is the world CLEAR. We need to become crystal clear on what it is that we want to manifest in order to be able to manifest it. (We also have to be willing to receive as Hathor reminded us yesterday.) If we aren't clear on what we want or need to manifest, it is the equivalent of going into a restaurant and telling them to just bring you whatever they feel like bringing you (which we would never do!) So clarify your focus. See it. Feel it. Imagine it as though it already IS. When you can do that, you will be SO much more successful in connecting with your magic and with your manifestation ability. Have you declared that you are magic? Out loud? If not, why not? What is stopping you from accepting that reality? Even if you don't believe in magic in any sort of spiritual or traditional sense, just look at the marvelous and wondrous ways that our bodies are made and function. You can't tell me that isn't pure magic! The fact that our Earth rotates around the sun, and the moon around the Earth are also tangible evidence of magic, and might help you to tweak your definition thereof. So, start owning and exercising your magic. You will see amazing and magical results in your life once you do.

Our Angels understand our hesitation and disbelief when it comes to our own magic and magical abilities and they are more than happy to reassure us of both during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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