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Make Space for Healing

Our Divine Download for May 22, 2021 is Healing from the Spellology Oracle Cards. Healing is a journey, not a destination. We experience things each and every single day from which we need to heal. Healing spans mind, body, and spirit, and no one part is more important to be healed than the others. We go through different times and different periods in our lives when we may be more focused on healing one of the areas over the others, and that is okay. Sometimes we limit our healing because we do not create the necessary time or space for healing to occur. Healing doesn't just happen and it doesn't occur in a vacuum! It is necessary for us to prioritize whatever actions we need in order to heal, and not just keep pushing it off or shelving it for "some day" or "when I eventually have time." Health, of mind, body, and spirit is an integral part of how we're supported on the Earth plane. We cannot possibly live our best lives or move more fully down our paths towards joy until and unless we allow and achieve a certain degree of healing. What do you need to heal? What is preventing you from doing the healing that you need? How have you made space in your life for healing? How are you prioritizing the action steps necessary for your healing right now? Are you willing to make the necessary changes in your life in order to promote your most healthy self? Are you willing to look at and honestly assess what needs to be healed for your body, mind, and spirit? Honesty and awareness are both necessary pieces to healing. The energies are ripe right now for you to experience your most healed self. You are supported by the Universe in promoting your healing. Will you answer your spirit's call for healing? Will you follow the guidance of the Universe?

Healing often focuses on our physical bodies, which are used and abused and even assaulted by all that we require of them and all that we throw at them on a regular basis. An AromaTouch Session is a relaxing experience which applies specific essential oils to your back and feet in a specific order in order to promote health and homeostasis within your physical body. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session!

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