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Make Space to Hold

Our Divine Download for June 6, 2021 is Druid/Hold Space from the Angels & Ancestors Oracle Cards. Our guidance right now is that now is not the time to make any sudden moves or changes. Now is the time to be still, to take a pause, and to just be, to hold space. We are being reminded that we can stand strong in the knowledge that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. The Druids were the wise, ancient inhabitants of the British Isles. They were deeply connected to the Earth, the sun, and the moon. You can embody their scholarly nature by studying the Earth, sun, and moon for a sense of when might be a better time for you to plan to move forward. The thing about holding space is that you must first have space in order to hold it. So what do you have in your space that is taking up that space? Are there things within your physical space which are making it difficult for you to stand strong and confidently hold your space? If there are, then you are being guided to let those things go. Allow yourself to be sustained in a more simple way, by the Earth and her many blessings, rather than by the stuff that may be creating physical or energetic clutter. Are there emotions within you that are creating clutter making it difficult to hold space on an emotional or energetic level? What are you going to do about that? It's time to clear whatever isn't serving us or is holding space in the place of our progress and growth and manifestations. Manifestations have to have a place to land. We need room, space, to grow and progress. Clear the space you need in order to move forward when it is time for you to do so. Then hold, you will soon be inspired as to when and where you need to go.

It is necessary to clear out old energies and blocks within our bodies in order for us to make and hold the necessary space within ourselves. Integrative Reiki is a wonderful, relaxing way to do just that! Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Here: Book Your Session!


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