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Make Your Best Choice!

Our Divine Download for August 8, 2023 is Choices from the Wisdom of the Faerie Realms with the message "So many paths, so many directions! Often all you need to do is choose a path and start moving. if it is not for you, choose another. If you are stuck, just choose a path and get moving. Soon you will know if you are going the way you want." We make ourselves crazy, literally fucking nuts, because we constantly try to make choices from our cerebral head space and not our intuitive heart space. And it doesn't work. It won't ever work. All we will succeed in doing is to make ourselves crazy (or crazier) and keep ourselves stuck in an endless loop of overthinking. And that's no good! I frequently quote Rush's "Free Will" to my clients, particularly the line "you can choose not to decide, and you still have made a choice." Because so often we paralyze ourselves thinking that we have to make the "right" choice or the "perfect" choice. And what does that even mean?! But because there will usually never be one clear cut "right" or "perfect" choice, we end up choosing not to decide and effectively going nowhere which is really just silly. If you make a choice and don't love it, who's to say you can't make a new or different choice?! There are VERY few times in life when we don't have the opportunity to do so. So exhale. Stop holding your breath. Stop trying to find perfect answers, solutions, and choices (because they don't really exist) and just follow your gut. You can always follow it in a different direction towards a different choice later if need be.

Sometimes the energy of past choices can linger within our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies making it hard for any type of actual discernment on our current choices. An Integrative Reiki Session will help to clear and balance our energy and open up space for us to make the best choices that we possibly can using our intuition as our guide. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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