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Manifest Your Magic

Our Divine Download for March 10, 2021 is Manifestation from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. I've observed in my practice that the word "manifestation" can have a negative connotation for some people. Most of us have not had the experience of growing up fully connected to and aware of our own beautiful innate magical abilities, or the idea that we are constantly doing a lovely synchronistic dance of partnership with the Universe. And that's unfortunate. So, if no one has told you yet today, allow me to be the first: you are magical! YOU are pure magic! The magic of all of the Universe exists within you!! How does that make you feel? Is that something that you are able to accept and celebrate? Is it something that causes you doubt and disbelief? Wherever you are with these facts, it's okay! Most religious dogmas condition us to believe that we are separate from our creator, and as such, in that separateness, that we are at the mercy of an omnipotus separate being (or beings) who control us and reign over us at their whim. It can be a lot to swallow when we realize that the texts upon which most religious doctrines are based were translated from other ancient languages inaccurately and much was lost in that translation. We are not separate. We are all connected. We are all equal. And we are all magic. We are all born with the same natural ability to partner with the Universe and to manifest within that partnership. Some of us may have been doing this our entire lives without ever giving name to or realizing that this was in fact what we were doing. For others of us, we may have bought into the idea that we're somehow lesser manifesters, lesser partners to the Universe, or that we're doing it wrong or bad. I've said it before and I'll say it again: there is no wrong or bad when it comes to manifestation. There is only more or less effective! So shift your thinking. Embrace who and what you are. PLAY with your manifestation abilities. Try it on for size. See what works and what may not be as effective. And dare I say: have some fun with it in this process! You DO have the ability to manifest! Whether you believe that or not, you absolutely do. You will find when you accept this and embrace your role within the Universal partnership, things will flow a lot better for you and manifestation will become easier and easier. So go forth and get your magic on!

Clearing yourself of old and outdated belief systems and patterns can be a helpful step in embracing your magic and your manifestation abilities. A quick, fun, easy way to do this is through a flower therapy chakra reading. Book your session here: Book a Session!


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