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Manifest Your Magical Life

Our Divine Download for October 27, 2020 is Manifest Your Dreams from Guardian Angel Tarot Cards. In Tradition Tarot Interpretations this card is known as The Magician. AND, it's our 4th (FOURTH!) Major Arcana Card this week! Holy Moly - this is a BIG huge deal of a transformative time. This card tells you that you're ready. For what? Why to harvest and utilize your own magic of course. This is your reminder that you are truly magical and that you are every bit as magical as anyone else. Yes, even that person that you've decided somewhere along the line is the "most magical." (Hint: they're not. That would be YOU.) If you've been waiting for a sign before you did something or tried something, you should consider this your loud, glaringly obvious sign. No more waiting. No more studying. No more preparing. Only doing. Doing what? Your magic. Magic is unique to each individual and looks a little bit different for and on everyone. But that does not negate your own personal brand of magic or suggest in any way shape or form that you are someone less magical than anyone else. When you take the necessary steps to move forward on the path of your divine rite purpose, you become stronger and more magical with every single step. Your connection to the Universe grows and you're enhanced. Your intuition is clearer and stronger as you move forward. You don't have to move mountains today. You're only being asked to take steps forward in a meaningful way with the knowledge and the faith that eventually you WILL move that proverbial mountain. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? It's ALL you. It's always been you. And the time is right NOW. Be you. Do your thing. And get on with your magical bad ass self!

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