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Meditation: Just Do It!

Our Divine Download for June 27, 2020 is Meditation from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. Sometimes I feel like meditation is fast becoming the "m" word, because it comes up in readings frequently and is often received about as well as some of those "f" or "p" words. But, it's super duper important. Fact: a quiet mind hears the voice of the Angels more easily. Fact: Your Angels WANT to talk to you, want you to hear them, want to connect with you. So, they're asking, in their gentle, ever-loving way, for you to quiet your mind so that their communications may come through as loudly and clearly as possible. Fact: the world's kinda loud right now (<--understatement!) Fact: the louder the world is, the harder it is to quiet your mind. Fact: the louder the world is, the more necessary it is to quiet your mind! There are so many more benefits to quieting and clearing your mind than just turning up the volume and tuning in to Angelic communication. You are also better able to tune in and connect with your higher self, with yourself period. When was the last time that you took a beat to figure out how in the heck YOU actually feel about something instead of allowing outside sources to simply tell you how you feel, or suggest how you should feel?! We all need to do this! Quieting our minds also allows us to connect better and more easily with nature, with source (however you define this). AND perhaps most importantly, quieting your mind through meditation is an essential part to the two-step process of prayer! Prayer is when we put forth our requests to the Divine, when we effectively do the asking. Meditation, is where and when we receive the answers. When we skip this crucial step, we set up a repetitive dynamic where we feel as though we aren't being heard. But it's really that we're not taking the time and clearing the space to listen! So don't let meditation be the "m" word. Rather, allow it to be a mantra, a way of life. Most importantly, Meditation: Just Do It!

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