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Mind Your Prayer & Pray Mindfully

Our Divine Download for August 10, 2023 is Prayer from the Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms with the message "Your every thought has energy and makes a difference. Be intentional with your thoughts and you will transform yourself and heal others. Whether a prayer, an affirmation, or a mantra, the more focused it is, the more energy is directed. Use your mind wisely." Your mind is one of the most powerful tools that you have. Did you realize that every single thought you have is actually putting energy out into the universe? You could say that it is a form of prayer, or wishing, because the universe does not differentiate the forms that our requests come in. Energy is energy. This isn't to say that every not ideal thought that you have, or that any negative thought that you have is going to instantaneously manifest a super charged shit storm in your life. But, the more that we can be mindful of our thoughts, what we are and are not affirming in our lives, the language that we are using when we are talking about our situations, the actual prayers that we are praying and wishes that we are making, the more aligned we can be with the outcomes of our manifestations. If your thoughts aren't feeling great to you, then make a conscious effort to change your thinking patterns. If you're stuck in a particular pattern, choose to either take an action (ANY action, it doesn't matter) or actively feel a feeling, either of which will get your out of that negative thinking pattern. Meditation is also a wonderful way to gain better control over your mind in general on a more regular basis, so that you are in control of your thoughts rather than your thoughts being in control of you. You're always in union with the divine. Use that union wisely to manifest all that you want in your life.

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