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Mindfully Attract

Our Divine Download for February 14, 2023 is Attraction from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message of "You attract romantic love by enjoying this moment fully." Being present is the most attractive thing that you can do. Not being stuck in the past or worried about the future, but showing up as the full authentic version of yourself right now. This card puts us on warning that when it comes to our relationships, especially our romantic relationships, we are attracting what we are focusing on. Law of attraction 101. If we are focusing on lack or we are focusing on problems, those will be our exact experiences. Similarly, if we are focusing on loving and caring for ourselves and enjoying our lives as fully as we can and to the best of our ability regardless of the current circumstances and challenges in our lives, then that is what we will attract. The choice is in large extent up to us. Yes, challenges will happen. But how much attention do we want to pay them? Just like we will each experience challenging or unpleasant emotions, but we also have the choice to stuff them down which actually causes them to become a part of us energetically and therefore causes them to affect what we do attract, or do we simply feel our way through them and move on, thus staying in the present moment? This can also be a sign for us that we might need somewhat of an energetic tune up because there could be emotions from the past stuck in our bodies or our energy centers that could be causing us to attract that which we do not want to a greater extent than we are even aware on a conscious level. Stay present. Stay focused on what you do want and how you do want things to be. You'll be amazed and the wonderful things you will attract in your life when you do.

A Flower Therapy Oracle Card Reading is a wonderful way to peek at your chakras and also be provided with some Spiritual Action Steps to help balance and heal any energies that aren't attracting exactly what you do want in your life. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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