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Mother Mary Comes To You

Our Divine Download for March 7, 2022 is Mother Mary from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. Mother Mary is the embodiment of divine feminine energy and she calls on us to interact with and experience our own divine feminine energy and our divine feminine connection. What can you do to turn up the volume on your own divine feminine energetic expression? Is your divine feminine and divine masculine energy in balance? Are you more comfortable expressing divine feminine or divine masculine energy, or equally comfortable with both energetic expressions? Divine Mother Mary is also one of the ultimate nurturers and encourages us to nurture ourselves and those around us. What does it mean to you to nurture yourself? What does it look like for you to nurture others? Are you perhaps in need of some mothering energy? Are you comfortable receiving that type of maternal nurturance? Can you possibly be gentler, softer, and more accepting of yourself? Are there wounds pertaining to your own mother, or your own maternal ancestral line which need to be recognized and healed? Are you willing to do the work to heal any wounds and cut any negative cords of attachment which may exist for you surrounding your mother, your nurturing or lack of being nurtured, and your divine feminine energy? Mother Mary comes to you now not only to help you fully express and balance your divine feminine nature and nurturing, but also to remind you that you are divinely supported and uplifted by her. Any time you feel the need to be cared for, supported, or tended to, you can call on Mother Mary and she will be there for you in whatever way you may need her. In The Beatle's "Let It Be," the lyrics say "I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be." Music can help you connect with Mother Mary's gentle energy and wisdom. What wisdom does Mother Mary share with you now?

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