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Mother Yourself First

Our Divine Download for September 21, 2021 is Mother from the Past Life Oracle Cards. It seems that we're in need of some nurturing. What does it mean to you to nurture yourself? What does that look like for you? Do you prioritize nurturing yourself? Or is it something that maybe happens if and when you get around to it? Our own mother was our original source of physical nurturance, literally nurturing us from within her own body. Both bonds and wounds relating to our own mother are some of the most powerful that we will ever experience, and it could be that those bonds, wounds, or both need our attention right now. How do you view yourself as nurturer? Regardless of gender or orientation, we all have both the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies within us. Does it feel natural and easy to you to express your divine feminine energy? Are you more comfortable with the role of nurtured or nurturer. This would be an excellent time to focus on cultivating balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine, nurtured and nurturer, giver and receiver. Seemingly we are all in need of a bit more nurturing and a bit more comfort after the past 18 months. But, when everyone is more or less in the same emotional boat, it is unrealistic to expect anyone else to cater to our need to be nurtured until and unless we have nurtured ourselves first. Try sitting quietly with yourself, slowing your deep breathing, maybe taking a couple of extra deep cleaning breaths. Place your hands on either your heart or solar plexus as you breath to help tune into your physical body. Ask your body "What do you need right now? How do you need to be nurtured?" and be open to what comes up for you in this space. Honor what comes up for you here! Try setting aside and committing to just a few moments of time each day to check in with yourself over the course of the next week and see how much more connected and nurtured you feel!

Our parents usually do the best they can with what they have at the time. But no one is perfect, and mothers are no exception. Energetic Cord Cuttings with mothers and mother figures can be some of the most profound and liberating that I do. Removing the negative cords of attachment and patterns of the past only strengthen and balance positive bonds and connections. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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