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Move Forward In The Spirit Of Service

Our Divine Download for August 7, 2022 is Oak Elf from the Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards. The Oak Elf is joyful and sings as he works because he enjoys his work and loves singing, which he knows helps the trees. Let music uplift you and those around you in a similar manner. Even if you do not love your job, or love all of the chores or the "work" that you have to do, can you find a way to do it with joy? Can you find a way to enjoy it? Will you accept the Oak Elfs challenge to you in this way? The Oak Elf acknowledges that not all people are fair, but when you trust with your heart and allow your heart to be your guide, you will find those who share their goodness with you. You have enchanted power when it comes to the needs of those around you, especially when you give your love to the task of caring for those in your life. You have an ability, an acclimation, that many others lack, to secure a better way forward in your own life and to help those around you at the same time when you simply prioritize doing so - as is the lightworker's way. There are similar traits which lead all people to good and it often only takes the act of one to inspire the actions of many, many others. You are ready to combine all areas of your life to give the best possible lift to your life - you are about to level up in ways that you never dreamed possible. You are an able person and must now move forward in the best possible, and most aligned way. When you mindfully focus on service, you expedite your wildest dreams coming true.

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