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Move Towards Joyful Journeys

Our Divine Download for June 15, 2021 is Journey from The Energy Oracle Cards bringing us the message of "Movement, Relocation, Travel." So, guess what? It's time to get moving! For some of you this could mean a relocation. For others, if could mean taking or planning a trip. For most of us however, this movement could likely be more metaphorical in nature. We've had all of this change happen recently. Big change. Bold change. New beginning type change. Some change we may not have tangibly connected with yet. The thing that very few people will tell you about change is that change is hard, and can feel very challenging, even when it is good change (great change even). Bottom line: people don't like change! We, like most creatures, are creatures of habit and creatures of pattern and change requires us to move outside of our comfort zones. So, often when change happens, even big, bold, beautiful change, we can sometimes freeze up and become a little bit stuck within that change. We forget that we are supposed to keep moving forward. We forget that we are still growing. So this is our gentle reminder to get moving! When we are feeling emotionally or energetically and we may be unclear on why, adding physical movement to our daily regiment can help get us moving on all levels. Even extra stretching or walking can be very beneficial in this way - no one is saying that you need to go our and run a marathon, unless you want to. This is also the time of year, as we head towards the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere, where cyclically, we are expected to be more active and our bodies tend to crave a bit more movement. Again, there is no right or wrong as to how that needs to look, just as long as it is an increase from how you have been moving before. Moving our physical bodies is just the kick start we need to get everything else in our lives moving forward as well. How will you prioritize movement in your life today? Affirm: "I am attracting wonderful new adventures to me. My life is a blessing, taking me to new places - inside and out." So get moving!

Energy can become stuck or blocked within our physical bodies. An integrative Reiki Session is a wonderful, relaxing way to clear those blocks and allow the energy in and around your body to move in a balanced way once again. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!

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