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Move Yourself!

Our Divine Download for June 20, 2020 is Move Your Body from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. Our bodies are designed to move. Movement is essential to allowing us to move our emotions and be in balance. Most of us are coming out of a period of time when less movement was imposed by the powers that be, or at the very least implied. We still may have some fear or concerns surrounding movement. This card is your reassurance that movement is not only safe, but necessary. Allow yourself to be supported by being in nature and mimicking the nature movements and cycles you see there. Even when we have more sedentary jobs or lifestyles, it is still possible to incorporate movement into all that we do. This card is also an affirmation that in order to move through or past a certain situation, we must physically move our bodies more to help the energies align as they need to. Movement can be the key to so very many things: when you want to change jobs, when you are desiring a new relationship, when you are wanting to physically move your living location, when you are desiring an improvement within certain relationship dynamics. Just move. Move your body with the intention of moving the energies connected to these other areas of your life. When you move with intention, your body becomes a powerful vessel of manifestation. That is why we have seen the marches causing actual change in politics and socioeconomic policies. And you can effect these types of great changes in your own life through movement as well. Each and every movement you makes either moves you closer to where you want to be or further away from where you want to be, depending on the intentions that you set (hint: set the intention right here, right now that all movements you generate only move your forward towards your goals and desires!) Movement with intention not only clears the way for new manifestations, but it can speed up the time table on anything that you are wanting to manifest. So go forth and move your body towards the great things in your future!

When you're not sure how to move, or which direction you want to go, literally or figuratively, a One Question Channeled Reading will offer great clarity of direction: Ask Your Question!


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