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Move Yourself

Our Divine Download for March 4, 2022 is Physical Outlet from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. Yet again we are receiving the guidance that it is time for us to get moving and that it is timely and important for us to move our physical bodies right now. When the energies have been harsh, the macrocosmic environment filled with division, uncertainty, and confusion at best, it is important for us to move through those energies so that they do not settle in our bodies. Sometimes when we have been in stuck space or a holding space, we can become very frustrated with our energy and with the energy surrounding us, and that is when physical movement and having that physical outlet becomes so very important because it allows us to fake it til we make it energetically speaking. Movement is better than stagnation. Movement of our physical bodies leads to and can even propel us forward. If you feel stuck in any area of your life, or even just feel like certain situations in your life aren't moving as quickly or as smoothly as you'd like, moving your body can be the answer to any of these challenges. What is your physical body trying to tell you with how it is currently moving? What type of physical outlet is your physical body craving? Are you treating your physical body like a partner when it comes to how you're moving through life? How often do you tune into your physical body and ask it what it needs? How often do you honor the signals that your physical body sends you? Do you speak the language of your physical body? Or do you allow pain to be an unfortunate translator? Challenge yourself to tune better into your physical body and just get moving!

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