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Multifaceted Reassurance

Our Divine Download for July 6, 2020 is Titanium Rainbow Quartz/Multifaceted with the message "There are many layers or dimensions to the situation or person that you're asking about." from the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards. Frequently when we talk about things working out or solutions to problems, I hear from my clients, and even from my friends that they feel discouraged because even though they're receiving signs and positive confirmations that things are happening, they have yet to see tangible results to that end. And it's hard. When things are happening in Universal time and coming together or coming online, usually in bigger, better, bolder ways that we initially could have imagined, it's hard to wait, and it's hard not to get discouraged, and it's hard to keep the faith that all of those things that we cannot see and sometimes cannot even sense are happening. But they are. They ARE. This is your confirmation from your Angels that they are! It's also alerting you that as many facets to a person or situation as you may be aware of, it only scratching the surface for how many facets exist to this person or situation under the surface or behind the scenes. Instead of being frustrated that you don't know what's behind door number 2, maybe realize it and accept it as a blessing that you do not need to be aware of all of those pesky, cumbersome, intertwined factors, and that you can just be content with your cosmic assignment to do you and stay the course while your Angels and guides, and the whole Universe works everything out just so for you. Phew - talk about one less thing! Also, realize that multifaceted or complicated does not mean impossible or undoable. It just means that it might take a lil bit longer than initially thought. This is not a card that things will not or are not working out. Quite the opposite! This is your reassurance that it IS working out. It is being worked out. Just not buy you, not in a way that you can see it unfold. So surrender your need to know and lean into faith. Thank your Angels and your guides for handling all of those pesky details, because everything is coming on line, and you've got better things to do!

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