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New Hope For Connected New Beginnings

Our Divine Download for July 28, 2022 is Snow Drop/New Hope from the Flowers of Love Oracle Cards. Snow Drops are considered a sign of new hope because they announce the arrival of spring. They bring with them the consolation of processing the dormancy and isolation of the winter season, and encourage you to reflect on any proposals received at this time. Whatever you are hoping for in your life right now, snow drop wants to bring you. They encourage you to find yourself, to begin again, and to do so from a place of trust. When it comes to relationships of all kinds, we are guided to take little, delicate steps because the other party, our partner, may still be thinking and processing. It is not recommended to force our will at this time, but to take our time and savor the present moment process of getting to know ourselves exactly where we are and enjoying our experience within this place. We cannot just forge ahead any more than the very first flowers that appear following the winter can force a turn of weather to better sustain them or their fellow flowers. Snow Drop can also be a sign that in any situation where there is relationship dissatisfaction, we need to pull back a bit and focusing on checking it with and better knowing ourselves because only from this place of self knowledge and self empowerment are good relationships with others born and sustained. Too often society teaches us to look outside of ourselves and at others when relationships of any kind are not going as we would like them to. But all too often it is our experience and our lessons which must be acknowledged and integrated before anything can shift and move forward with others. So focus on finding yourself in a brand new way and in a brand new space today and see how you can cultivate new beginnings with yourself and others.

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