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No Bull

Our Divine Download for October 8, 2023 is Taurus - I Have from the Black Moon Astrology Cards. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, ruled by Venus, focusing in on love and finances, represented by the bull. The fixed nature of Taurus is why Taurus have a reputation for being so darned stubborn. You'd have an easier time moving a bill against it's will, then you would with Taurus. They walk the Earth, they are connected to the Earth, and sometimes their fixed nature can make them appear so stubborn that it is as though they are practically held in place by some sort of earthly magnetism. The Venus rulership causes Taurus to be focused on what they have, especially in the areas of love and money. We all have Taurus in our chart somewhere, even if we have no planets actually placed in the sign. Taurus is asking us to take stock of what we have. Do we have what we need? Do we have too much? Is there something that we would like to have that we are having difficulty obtaining? (and if so, why?) When it comes to what we do have, are we in the practice of actively showing gratitude for those things? Maybe we need to turn up the volume on the gratitude in our lives to allow us to have more of what we want. Maybe we have too much, and we need to adopt more of a charitable attitude and see where those things that we have, that we don't really need or love could be of more use or better service. Taurus could also be asking us to look at how flexible, or how stubborn we are being with certain people or certain situations. Is it necessary for us to be so fixed, so immobile? Or are there boundaries that we need to adopt with certain people or situation where we DO need to me for fixed? Consider all of these things, and whatever came to your mind first, is the area of focus that Taurus is asking you to focus on. Do so, with bull-headed determination.

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