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No Just Means No

Our Divine Download for January 10, 2021 is NO! from The Angel Guides Oracle. Ooooohhhhhhh, this is such an in-you-face powerful message! For some of you that may have been asking certain specific questions over and over and over again, here's your answer! Note the exclamation point. This isn't a little no. It's a big fat, bold, all caps, exclamation point included NO! And NO! is a powerful statement. It's also a complete sentence. You don't ever owe anyone an explanation or justification when you say no to anything or anyone. No means no. It's simple. It's finite. And it can be oh so very liberating. Sometimes we need to say no to others in order to say yes to ourselves. Who or what do you need to say no to right now in order to say yes in a big way to yourself? What are you waiting for?! What do you need to let go and stop doing and say a more permanent no to? If no doesn't feel good to you, if it is scary or challenging or evokes any feelings at all, why is that? Why have you not allowed yourself to harvest the full power and potential of no? What about when someone says no to something you've requested of them - does it feel sad, bad, mad to you? Does it evoke fear that this no is somehow a personal rejection of you rather than just the simple rejection of your request? Are you giving undue power or personalization to what is ultimately only two little letters? It's time to make no part of your every day vocabulary. It's time to learn to give and accept no as an answer. It's time to destigmatize no. Sometimes the answer is simply no. Sometimes the timing simply does not work. Sometimes things just aren't currently possible. And that is all any of those circumstances mean. Allow no to just mean no, and nothing more. Harness the power of no. Use your nos. Say yes to yourself by learning and exercising what saying no to anything that doesn't work for you.

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