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No Time For Drama

Our Divine Download for March 18, 2021 is Surrender the Drama from The Power of Surrender Cards. 2020 was nothing short of utterly dramatic. In so very many different ways. And 2021 has certainly started out following suit to some extent in certain areas as well. The drama does not serve us. It distracts us. It keeps us from focusing on and engaging with our soul mission and our divine life purpose. And clearly, that just doesn't feel good, and it doesn't really work for any of us. We may be living through a dramatic time (to say the least!) but that does not mean that we need to engage with or in the drama. We always have a choice not to engage. Yes, we are literally surrounded by it. And it seeps in through our televisions, and our internet feeds, through our mail boxes, and through the apps on our phones, but again, we can be aware of it without engaging with it. We can also make the choice to limit our exposure and that seepage by controlling the sources of news and social media we do engage with. We can even back out of and off of certain conversations with a simple "it does not work for me to discuss this right now." That's it. That's all we need to to remove ourselves from the clutches of the drama seekers. There will always be differences of opinion (thank goodness!) and there will also always be passion behind some of those opinions, both of which are key ingredients for the cultivation and spread of drama. But, we can have differing opinions from others. We can even feel passionately about our position. We are all capable of these things without participating in or creating drama. These may be skills that some have misplaced or forgotten, but truly, everyone is capable of simply dis-engaging or walking away. When you are connected to source and centered in yourself, it is easier to stay the drama free course. If you feel like dramatic people and situations are plaguing your life, try going within and ask yourself why you are allowing them to knock you off center and what could be the purpose of the lesson that this drama is trying to teach you. Connect. Center. Focus. Choose not to engage. Choose peace. Choose yourself and your life purpose first. When you do that there usually isn't time or space for drama anyway.

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