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Nothing Is Lost, All Is Found Within

Our Divine Download for July 3, 2022 is Riddle Fisher from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, focused on Divination and Seeking our and finding answers. It is time to seek out the help of the faery realm to find what is lost. The Riddle Fisher takes her mission very seriously, but also there is a certain amount of joy to be found on her quest to find the missing piece or pieces of information that you seek. She is calm and patient even as she searches through deep caverns, ruins, ancient places of emotions, the past, memories, ancestral memory, and cellular dna. She encourages you to search patiently as well, with intent and focus, as you look for the answers to some of the most perplexing questions currently plaguing you. When you find yourself wanting answers but unsure where to start looking, this is where the Riddle Fisher Faery will assist you when you call upon her by taking you to the depths of your unconscious mind as well as your memories from this and other lifetimes. All of the answers that we have ever needed or will ever need exist within us, but it is up to us to plumb the depths of ourselves in order to discover and connect with them. Faeries are also skilled at finding material objects that have gone "missing," especially because these objects are frequently moved by the fae in order to guide us to something that has been in our sights the entire time but has gone unnoticed. Faeries caution us to never believe or accept that something is lost. Faeries will reveal an objects hiding place and that will always lead you to something vital in understanding one of life's puzzles or answer one of your most perplexing inquiries.

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