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Nourish Your Relationship With Mother Earth

Our Divine Download for September 15, 2022 is Earth Song from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards. This card comes up for us because we are being asked to think about our relationship with the Earth. What little things do you do everyday that can help both yourself and the Earth through the current changes? Do you look at the Earth as a support, an energetic partner? Do you honor the Earth as the living, breathing, beautiful, brilliant being that she is? Mother Earth is in need of healing and as we focus on the things that she asks you to do, that she needs you to do, you will find that the healing she seeks also occurs in your life as well as all things are connected. Mother Earth feeds, houses, nourishes us, provides the air which we breathe, fuels our cars, supplies our electricity, and takes our refuse. What have you done for her lately? How have you honored her? Shown her gratitude? Loved her? Supported her? The Earth breathes and feels just like you do. Sometimes she sings, sometimes she laughs, sometimes she cries, sometimes she shakes with rage. She is always a reflection of humanity. She is one with you, and you are one with her. She is a conscious entity. Your love, your commitment, and your attention will help her regain her balance. In turn, feel and accept the love from Mother Earth because it will nourish you in a deeper and more profound way than you ever thought possible. When you invoke the great healing power available to you through the Earth, your life will take on new meaning.

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