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Nourish Yourself Through Your Reinvention

Our Divine Download for June 4, 2022 is Celtic Bean from The Druid Plant Oracle. Celtic Bean, also know as Broad Bean is associated with fertility, reincarnation, nourishment, confusion, our ancestors, and impurity, When this card appears it can indicated that something that you thought was dead has come back into your life in a new and different form. This could be a relationship that you believed was over which may be revived, a project that was buried a long time ago which may begin bearing fruit in an unexpected way. Celtic Bean encourages you to expressing yourself in a sensual, earthy, or artistic way. Celtic Bean is believed to help you connect to the other world and the realm of your ancestors. Being strongly connected to or influenced by your ancestors can be both a blessing or a curse, depending on how you experience the patterns that they inspire. Sometimes this ancestral entanglement can cause you to experience a sense of confusion or impurity. Trying to free yourself of impurity can cause you to be even more uncomfortable because purity is a quality rarely found in nature. Everything from water to air needs a good mix of ingredients to make it wholesome, and we need our flaws, our perceived weaknesses, and history of mistakes (through which we have learned and grown) in order to make us fully functionally human. We sometimes focus on purity rather than integrity, when it is integrity that literally means wholeness. Nourish yourself, open to fertile creativity, and be willing to reinvent yourself and the dynamics around you as often as necessary in order to live your life with radical integrity.

Energetic Cord Cuttings can sometimes be necessary in order to free ourselves of negative ancestral influence and patterns which no longer serve our greatest and highest good. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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